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Now looking for Loan Officers in the Northwest and 16 other states.

Columbia Resources, Inc. is a full service mortgage broker with a current regional focus on high speed quality loan origination and processing for the Northwest. We are currently seeking originators in the Metro areas of northwest cities. Successful originators will have established themselves as successful originators, have a desire and history for Quality submissions, expect quality processing, understand the originator-processor team concept, operate professionally with little supervision, have good computer skills and possess the essentials for independent operational support.

We are looking for independent Loan Officers and those desiring to operate their own Branch Office. WE ARE NOT A NET BRANCH organization.

Our commission split is very high for those who qualify. Our processes and procedures are simple, effective & defined. Payday comes weekly.

Contact us here or call Jim Castner at 1-503-717-0704. Thank You!

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